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Hazardous Tree Removal
ABC Tree Service Pros is a premier hazardous tree removal company. We remove problem trees from your property with minimal effect on the surrounding area, and we efficiently dispose of them with the smallest amount of waste possible.

How to tell if you have a Hazardous Tree?

  • If your trees have large, dead branches.
  • If it has hanging, detached branches.
  • If there are cavities or rotting wood along the trunk.
  • There are mushrooms present at the base of the tree.
  • There are cracks and splits in the trunk or where branches attach.
  • Leaves are falling from the tree.
  • Nearby trees have died or fallen.
  • Trees are leaning.

Tree Trimming
Tree trimming and preventative cutting is a tree service overlooked at times. We offer the most experienced, professional preventative tree limb trimming and cutting service. If you have branches creeping toward your house, dangerous limbs close to your roof, or just need more sunlight, ABC Tree Service Pros can help you.

Our team is properly equipped and trained to handle any situation. We have the latest in tree service aerial equipment, or if need be, the necessary skills to hand climb trees if machinery can't access the work area

Tree Removal
Experienced removing large trees in tight areas around the home and over power lines.  Our cranes allow us to remove most trees while just being in your driveway.  No Tree Too Large or Too Small, we can remove all types of trees.

Stump Griding
There are two options a homeowner has when dealing with tree stumps.  The first is to have a landscaper or excavation company "pull" the stumps out of the ground.  This is a somewhat involved proposition which requires large equipment and is usually expensive.  Remember, if a stump and its entire root system are pulled out of the ground, material has to be trucked in to fill the "crater" left behind.  The other option is to have the stumps "ground".  The goal of grinding a stump is not to remove the entire stump from the ground, but is to get rid of the visible portion of the stump. 

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